A public adjuster is a licensed insurance professional who represents the interests of policyholders in settling property insurance claims. Public adjusters, including those at Globe Midwest Adjusters International, are claim experts with extensive experience and expertise in appraising, preparing and negotiating property damage and business interruption losses. They help policyholders recover from a wide variety of disasters including fire, flood and water damage, hail, tornado, winter storm, and more.

How is a Public Adjuster Compensated?

Most public adjusters, including Globe Midwest, are paid based on a small percentage of the total settlement. Our fee is minimal when compared to the final claim settlement. In the vast majority of cases, the value added to clients’ claim settlements by our public adjusting services more than offsets the fee.

How Does a Public Adjuster Make a Difference?

You would not go to court without a lawyer or an IRS audit without a CPA or Tax Attorney. A property claim is very complex. Hiring expertise when the situation calls for it is prudent. You risk leaving significant money on the table in the settlement process.

Most people have little to no experience dealing with an insurance company on a property damage claim and even less people think about it! In reality, why would someone? So it comes as no surprise many people unknowingly settle for less than their insurance claim is worth. When your settlement check comes, how will you know it is fair or accurate?

The reality is insurance companies employ “teams of experts” who adjust claims daily, always looking out for the company’s best interest; which is to keep payout’s as low as possible. A licensed public adjuster levels the playing field for the policyholder by putting an insurance professional with equivalent knowledge, experience and expertise on the side of the policyholder.

“If we hadn’t hired Globe Midwest, we would have walked away from hundreds of thousands of dollars by relying on the insurance company’s people. Their lead adjuster more than doubled the original offer!”


– Ken Kwantes, President, (former), Lakewood Resorts Association
Osage Beach-Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Advocate for the Policyholder

Not to be confused with “company” or “independent” adjusters who work for the insurance company, public adjusters work exclusively on behalf of the policyholder throughout every step of the claim process.

Services Provided by Globe Midwest

The earlier a public adjuster is brought into the process, the better the opportunities are for helping the policyholder obtain a fair, just claim settlement.

A competent public adjusting firm goes to work for the policyholder immediately, focusing on helping the policyholder achieve the most favorable claim settlement possible. At Globe Midwest, we perform the following tasks for our clients:


  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the policy to identify all of the coverages that may be applicable to the claim
  • Assist the policyholder in complying with the policy’s requirements, which may include mitigating further damage and complying with time limitations
  • Undertake a thorough review of the loss, detailing and substantiating every aspect of the claim, including the proper valuation of building damage, contents, business interruption and extra expense claims
  • Present and support an itemized claim package to the insurer
  • Serve as the policyholder’s advocate at all inspections and meetings with the insurance company
  • Work diligently not only to negotiate the best settlement possible, but to do so in the shortest possible time frame
  • Communicate with the policyholder every step of the way