Have you suffered from a property loss?

Globe Midwest Adjusters International has stood on the side of homeowners for nearly a century, helping them achieve the claim settlements of large losses ($250,000+) they’re entitled to so they can restore their lives. Globe Midwest and its team of licensed public adjusters, building estimators, inventory specialists and accountants serve as your representatives to balance the playing field with the insurance company to make sure you’re able to recover from any disaster covered by your homeowners insurance policy and endorsements.

We will prepare your residential insurance claim and streamline the process for a fuller, faster settlement, and make sure the insurance company keeps the promises it made when first issuing the insurance contract to you.

Policyholders soon discover that the insurance company doesn’t automatically just pay their insurance claim. Instead, it’s your responsibility to prove your claim before being compensated for a loss. Conversely, the insurance company has adjusters, building engineers, claims managers and supervisors, all representing its interests. Who do you have representing yours?

Our public adjusters can help you get everything you’re entitled to by:

Evaluating your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting your claim to the carrier

Valuing, documenting and substantiating every detail

Negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company

Keeping you informed every step of the way

Ultimately settling the claim for the maximum amount and with less hassle for you

What will Globe Midwest Adjusters International do for you?

Many people are surprised when they learn their insurance company doesn’t just automatically pay their insurance claim. Far from it; there are many time-consuming hoops to jump through, from loss mitigation and damage estimates to personal property inventories, replacement cost value vs. actual cash value determinations, contractor selection and much more before issuing its settlement.

With the Globe Midwest team on your side every step of the way, we alleviate the hassles associated with a large property claim. Think of it as leveling the playing field; the insurance company has on its staff claim adjusters, building engineers, claims managers and supervisors–each working in coordination to protect the company’s interests. Hiring a licensed public adjuster like Globe Midwest makes sure your interests are well represented to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to from the insurance policy.

Our staff includes licensed public adjusters, building estimators, inventory specialists, and accountants, plus the related support systems that provide in-house resources and expertise, all focused on maximizing and expediting your financial recovery from your unique property loss. Globe Midwest will help you get everything you are owed under the terms of your insurance policy. Our public adjusters bring local knowledge and a strong commitment to personalized client service to each and every property insurance claim we handle.

Globe Midwest has the resources and time-honored expertise to thoroughly investigate your loss, accurately prepare, document and submit your claim, and get you a full, fair and expedited settlement.

Have you suffered from a property loss?

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Globe provided a detailed inventory of every personal item in the house that was damaged by smoke, water, heat and fire. The inventory listing filled a 4 inch ring binder!”

Robert and MaryAnn Abraham

“During the days, weeks and months that followed our fire, my wife and I were able to focus on getting our life back in order, replacing our personal items, going back to work, and finding temporary housing for our family while the house was being restored and rebuilt.”

Robert and MaryAnn Abraham

“Because of Jeff and Melissa at Globe Midwest, we had time to focus on the really important things in life, and Globe handled each and every detail of the insurance claim and related issues.”

Robert and MaryAnn Abraham

“I was simply overwhelmed and devastated with the significant water damage to 9,000 SQF of my home and the potential loss of precious personal property.”

Lawrence Doyle

“Had we not utilized Globe Midwest, I am sure that our financial loss would have been significant.”

Lawrence Doyle

“Your attention to detail protected the replacement of our home and personal property while being the key interface with the insurance company.”

Lawrence Doyle

“My wife and I would have endured months of aggravation trying to do what needed to be done if Globe was not in the picture.”

Tom Helgeson

“Your office was always courteous and kept in touch with me every step of the way thru conclusion.”

Joe Hachem

“Global Midwest assisted us from the beginning and worked with every member of our family in recreating our belongings and preparing a detailed inventory far beyond what we would have been able to do on our own.”

Mason and Lisa Argue

“Your quick response, quality service, and expertise helped make this unfortunate situation go much smoother than I had anticipated.”

Michael Dorman

“I did not realize the extent of the damage caused by the flood and I know I would have settled for much less had I not had your expertise and professional assistance throughout the claims process.”

Michael Dorman

“ANY SUCCESSFUL company is only as good as its weakest link; and as for Globe as an organization it is blessed with a whole group of people that are worth their weight in gold!”

Nowal T Sareini-Shatila

“All my questions and concerns were answered; what I didn’t understand was explained to me, and what I couldn’t handle, was taken care of.”

Nowal T Sareini-Shatila

“While your company worked on getting what was needed to replace material things, we could work towards healing of the family.”

Nic Jain

“There is no way I could have dealt with my insurance company and all the concerns without Globe Midwest and their amazing network of people and companies.”

Arnold Tracht